"Memory does not make films, it makes photographs" - Milan Kundera

​If I had to explain my work without images, I'd say that I like details more than general views, that I prefer to catch real emotions rather than perfect poses,  that I love real smiles and peals of laughter and that if I have to choose, I pick out the magic of the moment rather than a tecnically perfect but void of emotion photography. I also like to break some rules sometimes, and if you want we'll break them together.
That's why I try to let the action flow and catch the magic of the light and the feelings at every moment. Because, at last, what we want to remember of our past is not (only) how we looked, but the feelings we lived.
I'm here for families to catch the real everyday life, but also for special moments. I'm honored to be designated to help you remember your memories in the future, with my photos. As you are.
But also for small business or entrepreneurs who want a different way to show your special product and your personal brand. 

I hope you enjoy your visit, thanks!